Month: September 2017

Hand Push Wheeled Garden-Yard-Farm sprayers

Well-built commercial grade 12-Volt wheeled sprayers provide easy rolling garden-yard-farm sprayer for small and large areas where tractors won’t work.

Sprayers are built like a pull behind except they have large tires and a handle to push over rough terrain allowing them to carry 10-16-gallon sprayer tank sizes.


Lightweight but strong welded aluminum tubing provides a solid frame for years of commercial and domestic uses.

Onboard battery tray and alligator clips allow deep-cycle 12-volt marine battery with a poly battery box to be used.

Fold out front boom allows wide swathes to be sprayed at one time.  A 10-gal sprayer will do a 42” wide row while a 16-gallon sprayer will do up to 8’ wide in a single pass.

Wand attachment allows spraying up to 10’ tall from a standing position.

wheeled-sprayer-top garden-sprayer

Sprayers are being used for other non-chemical use for watering plants, applying nonflammable floor cleaners, as spot sprayers for fire safety around burning brush and open flame outdoor events.

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