Month: September 2016

Affordable USA Kombucha Tea Stoneware Crock

Now an affordable USA Kombucha Tea Stoneware Crock. Sticker shock has discouraged many seeking to brew this ancient Chinese health elixir at home. Prices can range into the hundreds of dollars for a simple stoneware continuous brew fermenting crock.

The faithful customers at Cottage Craft turned to the company and asked if they could add a Kombucha Tea fermenting vessel to their extensive inventory of made in America stoneware pottery. Now for under $100 you can have your own stoneware Kombucha Tea brewing crock.

Kombucha USA Stoneware Crock

Affordable USA Kombucha Tea Stoneware Crock

home brewing kombucha teahome brewing kombucha tea

Cottage Craft Works pottery is all hand turned in Texas the old fashioned way still using lead and cadmium free materials and glazes. Best of all you can order with many different custom colors to fit any décor and even have it personalized.

The crock is not translucent so it doesn’t have to be kept in a dark place.  Most keep it right out on the kitchen counter.  It can be ordered with other kitchen counter pottery to match such things as a canister set

The crock holds 2 gallons of brew.  Active brewing requires a cloth cover for the mixture to breath during fermentation.  The Cottage Craft Works brewing crock comes with a standard pottery lid as a bonus to keep the crock covered when it’s not in use.

Typical brewing time is 7-10 days in warmer weather and 7-21 days  in cooler weather. Brewing time will also vary the according to the temperature of your home. Brewing time can be shortened by using a brew belt which warms the vessel up considerably. Pottery absorbs heat very well and can simply be set close to a heat source to speed up the brewing process.

If you plan to bottle your Kombucha tea for a secondary fermentation, the crock will produce approximately one dozen 16 oz bottles. The bottles are easy to fill as the crock comes equipped with a USA made poly spigot.

You can purchase the Kombucha Tea Crock online at

Cottage Craft Works at is an online general store featuring a full range of old fashioned goods and wares made and used at the turn of the Century when many depended on off-grid simple living  American made products.