Month: July 2016

Garden, Yard Decor Buckboard Wagon, Wheelbarrow, Planters

American handcrafted decorative garden, yard décor buckboard wagon, wheelbarrow, goat wagon flower planters. Extordnairy craftsmanship attention to detail.

Bring home these nostalgic replicas of old-fashioned reproduction wagons, wheelbarrows, and carts to enhance home and garden decor. Beautifully handcrafted by Amish Craftsmen these wagons and carts are real head turners.

Products are available as rustic unfinished or as complete with stain and varnish for indoor or outdoor use.

Aside from using them as garden decor, they are perfect for living history and reenactment events.  They also make wonderful store merchandising displays.

Reminiscent of simpler times the original workhorse wagons were the main means of transportation hauling people, goods, and wares from the towns to the homesteads. Wagons and wheelbarrows were used to complete the many chores on a working farm or ranch.

They have just been scaled down a bit to fit within more modern day garden landscapes and decor. Use them as an accent or equip them with an optional planter box to grow flowers.

The buckboard wagon is one of the most recognized wagons ever made, equal to today’s pickup truck the buckboard wagon could be used to haul supplies in the back.  An extra seat(s) could be added for family Sunday trips to church and then on to a family picnic after church making them equivalent to the family station wagons or for the millennium generation minivan or SUV.

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Sized to fit any garden or yard landscape these cute wagons and barrows are so authentically made they actually can be used.  The larger sized buckboard and express wagon equipped with wheel bushings are being pulled behind small animals. Optional goat and pony shalves are available for the larger buckboard and express wagons.

Authentic Goat Wagons are reproductions of the goat wagons being imported from European countries. Some may call these pumpkin wagons.

These carts are still being used today in the old world and underdeveloped countries to carry homemade products and produce to market and then to return home with other supplies.

Goats and goat carts were more affordable and easier to maneuver on narrow mountainous passes versus the much more expensive and larger horse-drawn drawn wagons. Goat carts such as these are either pulled by hand or pulled with goats with the owner walking along the side.

Several movie companies have purchased the authentic wheelbarrows for movie sets and the peddler cart is being used in the mall shots on a long-running soap opera.

Peddler carts were used by street vendors to wheel out their wares and such other things as produce, and food.  The modern day newsstand and hotdog stands are a cousin to the old-fashioned peddler carts.

These type of reproduction peddler carts are still used in historic villages and malls as a kiosk or as merchandise display carts.


Finding antique wagons and barrows have become very difficult and the ones that are available are very expensive.  Fully intact antique wheelbarrows and wagons may be too expensive to use as garden decor.

The Amish have used original patterns to duplicate these wonderful works of art from the American and European heritages.  The Amish are very talented craftsmen using premium quality hardwoods to build heirloom furniture and other wooden functional crafts.

The Amish build items for the functionality and long-term viability rather than just to make a profit.  This is why Amish built furniture and other products are often referred to as heirloom quality.

Unlike cheaper imports, you won’t find butt joints and staples.  Instead, you will find old-fashioned tenon and mortise joinery.  The same used on the antique items that have lasted over 100 years.

With one of these new wheelbarrows side by side to an antique one, only the newer wood and hardware will distinguish old from new. Not only is the wood cut and shaped as the original the hand forged metal hardware is also made just like the originals.

The wheelbarrow sides are also removable so that they can be used to stack and haul such things as firewood, bricks, or sacks of grain and bales of hay to feed livestock.


Optional galvanized metal planter boxes are available for many of the wagons, wheelbarrows, goat and peddler carts.  These do have weep holes at the bottom so they are not considered water tight for indoor use.


Wagons and wheelbarrow are available in rustic unfinished or in various stain, painted or varnished finishes.  A premium wood option is also available primarily used for indoor display and furniture uses such as coffee and end tables or store merchandise display carts.

The rustic wood is actually smooth planed lumber but it may have some rough spots from blade chatter when it comes out of the planer.

Some of the products are offered with a metal wheel(s) with an option to upgrade to a wood spoke wheel(s).  Other items like the goat carts are available just with the wooden wheels.

Wooden wagon wheels have metal tire rims as standard quiet rubber tire wheels may be added as an option.  The rubber would be preferable for carts or wagons needing to be wheeled or used frequently on pavement or concrete such as in a store, mall or on a sidewalk or road.

Metal wheels may actually be better for ornamental garden and yard decor that will be used year-round in the elements. Stationary wood spoke wheels tend to rot out on the lower spokes after years of water running down into the attached wheel rims.

If they are sealed routinely and turned frequently the authentic wood spoke wheels will last longer.

Each wagon or wheelbarrow is custom made per order so you should expect 3-4 weeks for shipping. These cute wagons and wheelbarrow are very popular especially around spring fever time so you will want order early for spring decor.

You can order these wagons, carts, and wheelbarrows at Cottage Craft Works.

Cottage Craft Works is a back-to-basics online general store offering old-fashioned Amish goods for the home garden and farm.  Many of the products come from deep within the Amish communities tucked back into hard to find rural areas around the Midwest on up into Pennsylvania and New York state. Many of these shops are second and third generation family owned shops where the owner still makes the products, hand packs them, and then ships to the customers.

Amish men and women may only complete an 8th-grade level education but their trade was mastered from old world techniques passed down from generation to generation.

You can find solid wood furniture, sewing cabinets, non-electric old-fashioned kitchen gadgets, USA stoneware pottery, USA made garden tools, hand push garden cultivators, to even replacement gun stocks and Amish made hunting calls all in one place at Cottage Craft