Apple Pie & Apron Strings | Recipes from Amish America

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Imagine having a clearinghouse of some of the best Amish home cooking recipes ever compiled at your fingertips. It is the perfect cookbook on how to process and cook food from scratch for a self-sufficient family.

It is so much more than just about baking pies, this cookbook includes recipes to make your own luncheon meats, sausages, yogurts, cheese, homemade drinks, cereals, soups, vegetables for canning, and freezing. 

One of the hottest selling books across all the Amish, Mennonite communities. 
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Apple Pie & Apron Strings | Recipes from Amish America
Apple Pie & Apron Strings Table of Contents Apple Pie & Apron Strings | Recipes from Amish America


This amazing 461 page 1-1/2” recipe book covers just about every dish that the Amish make and then even more for making your own homemade Bologna, sausages, yogurt, and cheese.

Save money by making your own homemade drinks, and wholesome snacks.
Tired of the same old breakfast routine? This book has recipes for breakfast casseroles, all types of new pancake recipes, and a large section on making your own dried cereals.
The Canning and Freezing section has a large selection of recipes to make and can for quick meals all year long.  From soups, sauces, vegetables, and meats, this section is worth having just by itself.
Thought you knew everything possible about making homemade ice cream? Well with 20 ice cream recipes you are surely going to find something new to change up the routine.
461 pages of spiral-bound pages and a softcover.
Now available, this is the sequel Cinnamon Rolls and Mixing Bowls featuring 888 new recipes from Amish America. Click Here for more information.

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