Amish Furniture-Singer Reproduction Treadle Sewing Cabinet

Just like they use to make them, old-fashioned heirloom quality and design in a new wood cabinet!
Heritage Series- A special Amish handcrafted reproduction vintage sewing cabinet built for most of the older Singer 15 Class Sewing Machines. This cabinet will also fit the modern Janome 712T treadle machine.
Available in a natural, medium stain on the oak cabinet and natural, medium cherry or dark cherry on the cherry cabinet.
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Description / Amish Furniture-Singer Reproduction Treadle Sewing Cabinet

The Price above is for our oak cabinet with a medium stain. The cabinet pictured at the top with the Class 15 Singer is our cherry with a medium stain. Some of the bottom pictures show the oak cabinet with a medium and dark stain.

Choose the wood options below to see the incremental price difference for the cherry cabinet.
The cabinet comes with a heavy-duty powder-coated treadle.
Note: Instead of the original cast iron legs this cabinet has wooden legs to hold the treadle. 
Singer 15 Class sewing machines were manufactured from 1895-1957. The Singer 15 Class machines were one of the most produced models; in fact, they were so popular many foreign countries began cloning them.
Many of these old machines just have outlived their treadle cabinets. With a good cleaning and oiling these old Singer machines in a new cabinet are ready to sing along for decades to come.

This reproduction cabinet top, the front, and the legs are all made of solid premium hardwoods. We have upgraded the legs with a new open design as shown in some of the pictures.
Most all the original sewing cabinets used veneer on the top and the drawer fronts. This is one of the common problems with trying to restore an old cabinet, especially when the veneer separates.
Features 3 drawers on each side 12-/12 long x 3-1/2 wide x 3-1/4 deep with a tilt tray in middle. 
The machine folds away just like the old-time Singer Sewing Machine cabinet. Simply lift the machine fold back the hinged front board and lower the machine to the storage position.
This cabinet does not have the problematic cable lift system that was used in some of the older cabinets.  
Ships UPS in two boxes, some assembly required. Please expect 4-8 weeks shipping on these very popular cabinets.
The legs, treadle, and then cabinet are shipped in separate boxes with holes predrilled for assembly. The legs have threaded "T" Nuts already installed inside the cabinet to easily line up the bolts. Occasionally the pilot holes for the treadle wheel may need one side drilled to properly align during the final assembly process.
Boxes measure 38 x 20 x 20 and 20 x 14-1/2 x 6. 
Overall cabinet measurements are 35-1/2 wide (closed) 47-3/4 wide (open) 17-1/2 deep 29-3/4 high lid size 14-3/4 x 20-1/2. The treadle is 26 x 16. 
The cabinet is 17-1/2 deep 29-3/4 high with a lid size of 14-3/4 x 20-1/2. The kneehole space is approximately 21½ wide, 25½ High with a depth of 16½. Measured from the top of the treadle to the underside of the cabinet is 22½.
The cabinet comes with head hinges to attach the machine to the cabinet. These are the round metal hinges with the pegs to slide into the back of the machine base.
You may also select a universal rubber belt or a leather belt below to add to the cabinet when it is shipped. 
 * Before ordering this cabinet please be sure to measure the base of your 15 Class sewing machine. Because Singer made the Class 15 machine over such a long period of time and there were so many clones made of it, we cannot verify that all Class 15 bases will fit this cabinet. Some of the oldest 15 Class machines did not have a straight edge base. 

Your machine base will need to measure 14-5/8" long and 7" wide. Also from the left end of the base to the outside of the wheel will need to be no more than 16-1/4" in order to clear the cabinet edge as the machine is being folded. This may also be a factor in some of the electric conversion machines as well with a head hinge pin spacing of 9-5/8" center to center.

What Our Customers Say:

This is a moving story from one of our customers who purchased the sewing cabinet.

In December 2011 my mother passed away. She was right at 86 years old. She had a massive stroke in 2010. If affected her left side and had lost the ability to speak. When I ordered the treadle I had no idea that my mother's old relic would fit in the cabinet. While I love the Janome it still is not an old machine and while it’s a part of my recent history it lacks the history that the old Universal class 15 clone has. The old girls motor burned up years ago. I am 57 and this is the machine I learned to sew on.
Frankly, I was afraid to fire her up with another motor due to the ages of both the motor. One belonged to my mom and the other was my Ma Maws. My grandfather bought three of these machines in the 40’s. One for my grandma and the other for my mother and her sister.
My father tells the story of how when we moved from Memphis in 1959 he filled the car up with little dresses. It seems that my sister and I never worn the same dress twice. I have had a love of sewing since I was five a love that I got from my mother and my grandmother.
Fast forward to 1964. I made my first dress on that old machine. I actually took my 5th-grade picture in it. It is blue with a square neck and even has lace. Not bad for a first attempt. This old girl made most of my clothes as a child and through high school.  
One Easter it made three identical dresses for my mom and my sister. I remember that both my sister and I had to endure three hours with my mom’s beautician getting our hair curled just for the occasion. Pretty sure that perm solution caused brain damage and its why my math skills are so bad.
My mom is gone and the anniversary of her death is coming up. Her death was what us good Southern folks call a blessing. I carry her memory with me. Just being able to touch the old machine and know that this Christmas I will make clothes for my own grandchildren.
It is a wonderful connection that I could not possibly get with the newer machine. Thank you for bringing decent craftsmen to the general public. You have no idea of what it means to me.
C. P.

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Cabinet arrived -- it's just beautiful!

Well worth the wait - thanks so much for your help.
Workmanship is great
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This is a beautifully finished treadle machine cabinet. I ordered mine in Cherry and we added our own knobs to match the knobs on our previously ordered cherry thread cabinet. The drawers are wonderfully finished inside and slide very smoothly. The iron treadle is also finished and smooth, shiny black. Everything is very well balanced, again the wood and workmanship is great. Thank you Paul for seeing us through this purchase.

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