20-qt Ice Cream Freezer Direct Drive Motor Kit

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Country 20-qt freezer electric direct drive motor kit includes the vertical motor stand, electric motor, amp meter, commercial duty angle 20:1 gearbox, and stainless-steel shaft connector to produce the ideal 60-70 RPMs.

Since the introduction of our Direct Drive Motor 20-qt Country Freezer, it has been very well received coast to coast and in several International countries. The variable voltage motor will run on either 110/220-volt 60/50 Hz electrical supplies.

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Country Freezer 20-Qt Direct Drive Motor Kit
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This direct drive motor kit will allow an existing Country 20-qt Ice Cream Freezer to be motorized without belts and pulleys. Space-Saving design with fewer pinch points for commercial ice cream operations and just where intriguing people gather. The angle gearbox is rather expensive pushing up the overall kit price but the tradeoff of not having the belts and pullies makes it well worth the investment.

The gearbox will come full of oil, using 15.4 oz SAE 80W-90 gear oil. Note: with the mounting of the gearbox on the side the sight glass will not give an accurate reading. Check the level when the freezer is received and maintain it at that level if needed.

See picture of the motor plate for motor specs.

The Amp meter lets you know when the ice cream is nearing completion when it is pulling the maximum amperage.

Side bracket bolts down to a wagon bed or rolling cart. This design requires the tub to remain stationary with the freezer head lifting to remove the freezer can. Drainage of the tub is either accomplished by dipping or a hand pump boat bilge pump designed for saltwater use. A permanent drain can also be installed in the tub if enough clearance is available. A tub drain and tub hold down hardware are not included in the kit.

Note: No instructions or plans are included. The kit is rather straight forward and sold for mechanical inclined individuals who can study the pictures and set up accordingly without detailed instructions or plans to build. The motor will come with the pigtail plug and amp meter already installed set for US voltage. To set for International voltage one wire lug will need to be moved over to the 220 sides.

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